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Let’s make this office safe for everyone.

Covid-19 Protocols

The attack of this pandemic and its impact has not been hidden from all of us and we as a society have been lucky enough to survive its occurrence wherein a few others gave up their battles fighting for breath. It is rightly said,
Change is the only way of life.

N2NAcers is Committed

Due to Novel Coronavirus, came new changes in lifestyle wherein there rouse a need to rearrange workflows, find ways to assess patients and providing them the best possible aids within the comfort of their homes as the world saw lockdowns happening as precautionary measures to bring down the numbers.

Adapting the New Normal

In accordance to the New Normal, N2NAcers team remains all set and ready towards the safety and security within our office Premises.

Reminder 1

Wear your face mask at all times.

Reminder 2

Observe proper social distancing guidelines.

Reminder 3

Minimize physical contact between workers.