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Software Technologies

Our team leverages a variety of software development technologies to provide cutting-edge, robust solutions, easy-customizable tailored to client business demands.

Team Statistics

We provide our customers with required technology and solutions that help them stay ahead in the competition by using reliable and effective software development techniques such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Our team consists of a group of professionals who are experts in their chosen field and others who possess hospitality and customer satisfaction which makes our team stand out from the crowd.

We strive to keep our team of acers highly engaged by providing a challenging environment at work, that keeps them motivated allowing them to perform in a team while achieving their professional objectives.

Programming Languages


JavaScript being a scripting language, is commonly used to create interactive web pages. N2NAcers makes use of this scripting language to assist us in reducing the loading speed and eventually decreasing the load on the server.

React Native

React Native is a popular JavaScript-based mobile application framework that allows the building of native-looking iOS and Android applications. N2NAcers uses React Native as it saves time in designing and maintaining mobile apps.


Cascading Style Sheets 3(CSS3) is a language used to describe the look, style, and format of a document written in any markup language. N2NAcers uses CSS3 on client’s demand, making it easy to customize a web page.

Node js

Node.js is a cross-platform programming language based on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime that makes it simple to create fast and scalable network applications. Node.js is used by N2NAcers for speedy development, performance, and other purposes. 


PHP is a server-side scripting language that is utilized for web development. N2NAcers uses this language as per the client’s preference, and for flexibility in the client’s website. It is easy to use and integrate, cost-effective, etc.


HTML is a standard markup language used for structuring the content. It is used by N2NAcers, due to its benefits of working with organic search engines with the help of new advanced tags. These tags eventually help pull traffic to clients’ websites.



Laravel is a PHP framework that delivers a set of tools and resources for developing modern PHP applications. N2NAcers uses it as it allows clients to securely access your resources in an elegant, lightning-fast, intuitive, easy-to-understand interface.


Ionic is a web-based UI toolkit for creating high-performing, high-quality mobile, and desktop apps. The main reason N2NAcers choose Ionic is that it saves time and resources for businesses when developing cross-platform apps.



Oracle is a relational database management system. At the client’s request, N2NAcers employs this database because it provides security by design features including customer isolation, data security, internal-threat detection, and highly automated threat response.


MySQL is used to construct and maintain everything from customer-facing web applications to complex, data-driven B2B services in many of the most prominent software stacks. Data warehousing, e-commerce, and others are just a few of the uses for the application.