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Privacy Policy

N2NAcers has designed this privacy policy to convey our commitment to protecting the privacy of your personal information. As we collect essential data from you, we have established this policy to communicate our information gathering and disclosure procedures.

Personal Data N2NAcers Collects

N2NAcers gathers information about you through our interactions with you. The information we collect is based in context with our communication about your requirements and business objectives. You make your own decisions for your privacy settings and features for your products and services. Data is collected through various mediums of your interaction with our products, such as CRM, cookies, other electronic trackers, etc. Some of the third parties might also be responsible for providing your data.

Even during our communication, we collect data that gets transmitted to us through the gadgets we use for the purpose. Hence, we gather the data that might include information about the pages you access, device ID or a unique identifier, your computer’s IP address, geolocation information, device type, computer and connection information, and mobile network information. As a client, you always have the option to use the technology and information that you share with us. Also, when requested to share some of your personal information, you may choose to refuse the same. However, we would like to mention here that most of our products and services may require some of your details to provide you with the best services and support.

In such a case, if you decide not to share the required essential information, you might be unable to make use of or take advantage of our product or service in question. Moreover, there might be reasons wherein we require your cooperation with some of your personal data to be entered by law or into when coming up with an agreement for any of our services or products. We might be unable to move ahead with the same without your consent on providing us with your required essential information. We trust our clients and hope the same from their end too. Our team shall operantly share with you the purpose and use for which your particular data will be required, along with the incapability of the system to equip you with the necessary product or service without you providing the essential personal details.


Why N2NAcers Collect Personal Information?

N2NAcers gathers only the information, which is mandated. N2NAcers collects your details through conversation, analyzing website visitors’ statistics, promotional communication, advertisements, troubleshooting, enhancing website user experience.

While accomplishing these objectives, we intend to tell you about any problems you have asked us to inform. During our communication, you can also provide additional information or any other essential information needed; we must assure that our records are accurate and certify that you abide happy and satisfied with our products or services. We can ensure our customers that we do not lend or trend email checklists or other information with other industries and associations.

Despite all that, we guarantee that there are no information leaks through our developed technological and procedural protection. For example, every data and information we gather from you is kept in a highly secured database which includes information such as name, phone number, email address, company name, etc.

How N2NAcers Use Personal Data?

N2NAcers uses the information that is collected from the Client at the time of communication only for their benefit. With minimal such details, we provide you with rewards and an interactive user experience. We also make use of your provides accessible data to bestow you with the following benefits:

  • Provide our goods and services, such as updates, security, and troubleshooting, as well as support. It also involves providing data when it’s required to perform the service or transaction you’ve requested.
  • Personalize our products for you.
  • Make improvements in the current products and services and develop new ones to impart you the optimal user experience.
  • Sending promotional messaging and targeted advertising are examples of ways to advertise and promotion of your products and services.

Selling of Personal Information Prohibited

Any personal information obtained, whether it falls into one of the categories listed above or falls into an unknown category, will not be sold to a third party. Personal information is not sold, transferred, or given away in any way that would violate the laws and regulations that N2NAcers accept.



Cookies are little text files that are stored on your device to store information. Cookies and related technologies are used to save your preferences and settings, enable you to sign in, serve ads, combat fraud, and for other legitimate business purposes. These third-party providers may use cookies or other similar technology to target you with advertisements based on your browsing habits and preferences. You may opt-out of interest-based advertising by clicking on the “Cookie Settings” button below.

You have opportunities to manage the data gathered by cookies, and similar technologies. For example, you may use cookie settings in your browser to limit how websites you visit can use cookies and to withdraw your consent by clearing or disabling cookies. At this time, N2NAcers do not respond to Do Not Track (DNT) signals. Please click the link below to handle your cookie settings.


Third-Party Cookies


N2NAcers may encounter third parties to assist in tracking and examining non-personally identifiable usage and volume statistical data from visitors to our website or for behavioral and administrative purposes. Such third parties may use cookies to help track visitor behavior. Such cookies will not be used to link individual website visitors to any personally identifiable information. All data gathered by such third parties on behalf of N2NAcers is operated only to deliver us with data on site usage, and it is not shared with any other third parties.


Third-Party Sites

N2NAcers’s website and pages on the Software Service may contain links to other websites. These other websites’ privacy practices and content are not under our control. When accessing these sites, you should read the policies of the other websites to have a better understanding of their policies. You may be sharing your personal information when you visit a connected site. It’s your responsibility to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of such information.


How Long We Retain Your Personal Information?

In general, we will preserve your personal information for as long as we have a business connection with you. After our relationship ends, we will keep your personal information for as long as we need it for the following reasons: record retention as required by law, for use in a legal claim or proceeding, to respond to any complaints we receive about our products or services, or for other legitimate business reasons.


Privacy Policy Updates

Once in a while, we may change or revise this policy. If we substantially alter this policy, we will inform you of the modifications by publishing them on our website. Unless we notify you otherwise, any change to our policy is substantial until the date we post such changes. If we change our policy in a way that will have a significant impact on the origin of the processing of your privacy rights, we will give you sufficient advance notice to give you a chance to exercise your rights.


How to Contact Us?

If you have any questions or comments about N2NAcers’s handling of your personal data or this privacy policy, please contact us at: